New Movement Trying to Get American’s to Wash Less


New movement turning their noses up at cleanliness.

Want to save water? A growing number of Americans have a novel solution: don’t wash.  Turning up their noses at the US culture of cleanliness – 93 per cent of the country’s adults say they wash their hair every day – these few shun showers and eschew deodorants, adopting the slogan: “Smell more like yourself”.


Wash Your Hands And Live



Washing Your Hands Can Save Your Life

The simple act of washing hands could save thousands of children’s lives every day, mostly in Asia and Africa, the United Nations said on Tuesday, the eve of the first Global Hand-Washing Day.

An estimated 5000 children die daily from diarrhoea, but half of those deaths could be prevented if they washed their hands with soap before meals and after going to the toilet, UNICEF spokesperson Veronique Taveau said.

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Sink Toilet Saves Water, Now You Can Brush Your Teeth And Pee At The Same Time


I wonder how sanitary this is?  Talk about Multitasking

Toilets use a lot of water, you know. And it seems kind of strange to have a sink right next to your toilet, pouring all that water down the drain, when your toilet would work just as well with your second-hand sink water as it does with regular clean water. Why not save water by running your sink into your toilet?


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