Spy Wear


Its Just A Matter Of Time Before Kids Use This Product As An Easy Way To Cheat On Tests

As most cell phone manufacturers have found out, it’s pretty hard to top Apple’s iPhone. But with a simple change in form factor that is decidedly old school sci-fi, Korea’s LG may have a winner in the LG-GD910 touchscreen wrist phone. Originally shown off as a concept device at CES 2008, LG plans to unveil a working 3G version of the wrist phone at CES 2009.

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Shooting Watch That Helps Build Finger Power


When An Invention Comes Along Like This One Don’t You Think Its Time To Put The Joystick Down

In light of recent economic woes not everyone has $300-$400 bucks to shell out for the latest gaming console, but that doesn’t mean you catch shell out some pennies to hone your skills on your existing system. For those on a budget, the Shooting Watch allows you to indulge your gaming fetish while showing off some obscure Japanese tech re-issued from the 80s.

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Future of Computer Interface Will Revolve Around Touch

Future of Computer Interface Will Revolve Around Touch 


Earlier this week, the humble computer mouse celebrated its 40th birthday. While surprisingly little has changed since Doug Engelbart, an engineer at Stanford Research Institute, in Palo Alto, CA, first demonstrated the mouse to a skeptical crowd in San Francisco, we may have already seen a few glimpses of the future of computer interfaces. If so, over the next few years, the future of the computer interface will likely revolve around touch.

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Cycle Life Watch


The End Of The Paper Style Day Planner Is Near

Most of us have a pretty boring daily routine, so designer Andy Kurovets decided to make fun of that fact with a watch that leads us through the six stages of an average person’s day. Starting with Wake Up!, the watch leads us through our commute and sitting at a PC at work, before returning home to watch TV and going to bed.

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Tactile Watch For the Blind


Feel the Time.

The Sentio is a digital tactile watch for the blind designed by Matthew Wagerfield. The watch has segments that rise 1 mm from the surface of the watch to signify the hour and minute.

The face of sentio exhibits a pair of 7-segment displays that would normally be found on digital alarm clocks, watches or any other digital numerical display. This pair of 7-segment displays outputs either minutes or hours depending on the mode that it is dynamically set to.

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Counterfeit Proof Watch: No Way To Fake It


Counterfeit Proof Watch

 If you forked over $50,000 for a fancy Swiss watch, it would be pretty annoying to see your neighbor Vinny flashing around a knock off version that he bought at the flea market for $50. Here in New York City you’ll find plenty of places in Midtown or down around Canal Street, where you can get a “Rotex” that looks kind of like the real thing as long as you don’t get too close. For those willing to spend a little more for their phony bling, you can even get replicas that require an expert’s eye to reveal their deception. (Pics)


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