WowWee Spyball


Just don’t take this to a company softball game or it may find its way into the catchers mit

This sort-of-spherical object is WowWee’s Spyball, a tiny roving camera that can capture video or still pics of whatever’s in front of it. It sends footage back to you via Wi-Fi, and you can control it over an Internet connection from pretty much anywhere. Even if you don’t have Internet access, you can still unleash Spyball via an ad-hoc Wi-Fi connection.

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Wall-Mounted Smart-Leaf PC

Wall-Mounted Smart-Leaf PC 

 Smart-Leaf PC

Space is always a problem with PCs, but putting a PC onto the wall, Originatic has brought out a solution to the quandary. Scheduled for the CES ’09 debut is the all-in-one wall-mounted Smart-Leaf PC, designed with space-saving intentions. So if you’re a casual PC user, there isn’t anything better coming your way anytime soon, therefore this rugged PC with all eminent features is worth a gaze.

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Faster Wireless to Compete with Speed of Fiber

Faster Wireless to Compete with Speed of Fiber

 Researchers at Battelle used off-the-shelf optical telecommunication
components to create a faster millimeter-wave device.

There’s no shortage of demand for faster wireless, but today’s fastest technologies–Wi-Fi, 3G cellular networks, and even the upcoming WiMax–max out at tens or hundreds of megabits per second. So far, no commercial wireless system can beat the raw speed of optical fiber, which can carry tens of gigabits per second.

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Sneakers Detect Wi-Fi While You Walk


Step Right Into The Wi-Fi Zones

“A Step in the Right Direction” is a sneaker that detects Wi-Fi while you walk, via a tricky network detection unit embedded under the left shoe flap.

The three LEDs on the flap (supposedly) show you how much Wi-Fi action is within 50 meters. If the lights are blinky, you’ve got bupkis…

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Handlink Coin Operated Wi-Fi Kiosk


A Handy Wi-Fi Solution

Now don’t get me wrong, I actually think this wi-fi hotspot solution is a half-decent idea, particularly if you operate a small coffee shop or other venue and can’t afford to give away free wi-fi. But why is it solely reliant on coins? Even payphones these days have a slot for using a debit card or other coin alternative.

That aside, the Handlink Wi-Fi Kiosk just needs an internet connection from a local ISP and after that it seems to be pretty autonomous.

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Intel’s 60 Mile Long-Range Wi-Fi

 Intel’s 60 Mile Long-Range Wi-Fi

Intel has found a way to stretch a Wi-Fi signal from one antenna to another located more than 60 miles away.

They recently announced plans to sell a specialized Wi-Fi platform later this year that can send data from a city to outlying rural areas tens of miles away, connecting sparsely populated villages to the Internet. The wireless technology, called the rural connectivity platform (RCP), will be helpful to computer-equipped students in poor countries, says Jeff Galinovsky, a senior platform manager at Intel. And the data rates are high enough–up to about 6.5 megabits per second–that the connection could be used for video conferencing and telemedicine, he says.

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