Wii-Powered Robot for Mobility Impaired Babies


“Independent mobility is crucial in the development of typical infants,” says the research.

A baby transporter for mobility-impaired children would ensure confidence, independence and proper cognitive development, researchers say. So they recommend babies start driving around on sonar-equipped robots.


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Nintendo To Introduce Food Delivery Channel In Japan

Nintendo To Introduce Food Delivery Channel In Japan 

I’m sure you have all gotten nice and slim using the Wii Fit, which is good, because much like a Thanksgiving turkey in September, Nintendo now has a plan to fatten you up. Probably so you’ll be more inclined to buy Wii Fit 2 and work it all off again. Beginning this spring, Nintendo will intro the Food Delivery Channel in Japan, just like how TiVo users can order Pizza Hut.

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Wii Fit Reviewed


Always Stretch Out Before Playing Video Games or You Might Blow A Dipthong

Making exercise fun is something that Nintendo has tried before. In 1986, they licensed Bandai’s Family Trainer peripheral for the NES and launched it worldwide as the Power Pad. In the 90’s, they created the Exertainment system – essentially an exercise bike with a SNES inside. Both products were capable of raising your heart rate, but offered little else in the way of improving your health or building good habits. Wii Fit sees Nintendo’s honed skill in software and peripheral development come together for another crack at the holy grail of software – making exercise fun.

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