Wii-Powered Robot for Mobility Impaired Babies


“Independent mobility is crucial in the development of typical infants,” says the research.

A baby transporter for mobility-impaired children would ensure confidence, independence and proper cognitive development, researchers say. So they recommend babies start driving around on sonar-equipped robots.


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Buying Food, Fashion and Furniture Directly From A Wii Console


Nintendo statistics indicate there are now 10.7 million Wii’s in Japan with 40% of them connected to the Internet. Of these 40%, 85% of owners have the system connected to their living room television.

As of November 1, Nintendo has instituted a direct sales service called “Wii no Ma Shopping,” which is a part of the system’s Wii no Ma video channel.

The new channel allows Japanese Wii owners to buy exclusive items in a ‘mall like’ environment

A haven for shopaholics, the new channel is open twenty-four hours a day and seven days a week…

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Control This Nintendo Wii Game With Your Face

Faced with a new challenge
The Nintendo Wii  has exercised our bodies and now it aims to work out those facial muscles as well with this game that requires you to use your face to control it. The DSi Ware game called “Kao Glider” (Face Glider in English) allows you to control a hang glider with just your face.As it flies around the skies, the camera captures your facial expressions and translates them into a gaming movement (up, down and around). It might just make your face sore and tone it up so that these games replace plastic surgery one day…

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VI Fit – Video Game Project to Help Blind Children Exercise


VI Fit video games help visually impaired children become more physically active.

VI Fit, a project at the University of Nevada, Reno, helps children who are blind become more physically active and healthy through video games. The human-computer interaction research team in the computer science and engineering department has developed a motion-sensing-based tennis and bowling exergame.


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In Early Tests, $99 Wii Balance Board Outperforms $17,885 Medical Rig

wiimedical 4132
We love Wii!
Another day, another story about some cheap, plastic Wii motion control accessory finding an application outside of gaming. In this case, it’s the balance board, and not only is this device helping stroke victims recover, it’s saving them money, too.In fact, doctors at the University of Melbourne found that the balance board, normally used for pseudo Yoga or navigating Mii’s down a virtual ski slope, was so sensitive it could very well replace traditional laboratory-grade “force platforms” doctors use to assess a patient’s balance.

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Using A Wiimote As An Alternative To Scientific Sensors

wiimote sensor 324

The new science Wii!

Laboratory-grade measuring instruments can be pricey, but some enterprising scientists are finding that the Nintendo Wii controller can serve as an alternative:

The Wiimote can track just about anything: All that’s needed is an LED light. Hydrologist Willem Luxemburg of Delft University of Technology in the Netherlands demonstrated a hacked water-level sensor made from a Wiimote and a plastic boat at the meeting of the American Geophysical Union here Monday.

“Just switch it on and make sure it doesn’t get wet,” Luxemburg said…


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Project Natal – Meeting Milo


Meeting Milo

Serious groundbreaking technology here. I have always said that motion controls for gaming, no matter what tech you used to derive your motion control, was a complete dead end for gaming, unless someone developed a revolutionary method to make it essential for gaming.

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