Ten Word Wiki

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Ten Word Wiki describes itself as “an encyclopedia for the ADD generation.” The site is like Wikipedia, but all entries are limited to ten words. Since there aren’t that many entries yet, you may want to browse the “recent changes” tab and then take a stab at some entries of your own!
Here is the entry for “pie”.

A savoury or sweet gloop, usually lumpy, encased in pastry.

And for “Lance Armstrong”…

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Wikipedia To Become Human Gene Repository

 Wikipedia To Become Human Gene Repository

Have you made your deposit into the gene bank?

U.S. scientists are developing a “Gene Wiki” with the aim of fostering a flexible, organic archive of human genetic information.

The project exists within Wikipedia, and is expected to speed up the process of deciphering genome sequences.

According to Andrew Su, whose report of the project appears this week in the scientific journal PLoS Biology, the researchers were emboldened to develop the Wiki by Wikipedia’s “Be Bold” ethos.

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