Top 7 Most Hacked Softwares in 2009


What software are tops on a hackers’ hitlist? Applications and software that are most vulnerable and are the potential targets of scammers and hackers to install malicious codes into your PC?

Forbes recently released 2009’s `Most-Hacked Software’ list. The list names the software and applications that were biggest targets of hacker attacks in 2009. The software used most by hackers and other cyber criminals to sneak into your system and cause havoc.

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Mini-Moscow on Sale for Just $3 Million

It took 300 people to construct a 400 square foot model of the USSR’s capital city back in 1977. Today you can buy that super-detailed, scaled-down version of Moscow for a mere $3 million.

Stunning, isn’t it? Apparently every single of the itty-bitty windows in the model can be lit up and there are effects to simulate day and night time.

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A Nano-Window That Repels Dirt and Grime


Nanosized “forest of peptides” can be used as the basis for self-cleaning windows and more efficient batteries.

A coating on windows or solar panels that repels grime and dirt? Expanded battery storage capacities for the next electric car? New Tel Aviv University research, just published in Nature Nanotechnology, details a breakthrough in assembling peptides at the nano-scale level that could make these futuristic visions come true in just a few years.


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TXTBlocker: Stops Texting While Driving



TXTBlocker is a software and online service combo which locks off a registered mobile phone from making or receiving text messages or calls while in a car. It uses cell and GPS data to determine location and speed and decide whether the phone is actually in a car, and once it thinks it is, boom, the service is automatically limited.


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The Lock-Bouie: Home Safety Device For Your Windows


 Featured Invention at the Colorado Inventor Showcase 2009

The Lock-Bouie is a home safety device that prevents intruders from getting into a house through an open window, and prevents children from falling out of open windows.  The Lock-Bouie is a telescoping, adjustable window brace that sits inconspicuously in the track of a window frame and limits how high or wide a window can open – effectively blocking a window from opening beyond the adjusted height.  (Pics)

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Plug-And-Play Solar Panels By Veranda Solar

Plug-And-Play Solar Panels

Veranda Solar Panels 

Solar start-up Veranda Solar wants to change the world of solar power the way Apple changed computers. Veranda got a big head-start on financing the start-up when the company was awarded 100,000€ as runner-up in the PICNIC Green Challenge, funded by the Dutch postcode lottery. The solar panels Veranda uses are nothing special. The prototypes were developed in cooperation with Stanford University and SunPower Corp. No new photovoltaic advances, no biomimicry.

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10 Useful And Free Windows Tools


I know there are vista users who could really benefit from receiving this information I know I would

When compiling your essential Windows XP or Vista toolkit, it makes sense to source as many free tools as you possibly can.

But sometimes you don’t know that you need a tool until you’re presented with it

So check out this list of ten of our favourite free system tools and plug some gaps in your software collection.

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