Powering American Cities This Century


A single superconducting cable (shown in blue) could one day replace a dozen traditional copper cables (shown in red)

Barring the occasional thunderstorm, most Americans take the electric current behind their power buttons for granted, and assume the juice will be there when they’re ready to fire up an appliance or favorite tech toy. Little do most know, the strain on our electric grid – which has led to rolling brownouts and the massive 2003 blackout that left 40 million people across the Northeast in the dark – will only intensify in coming years.


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Wireless LED Speaker Lightbulb

Wireless LED Speaker Light 

Surround sound is pretty awesome, but it’s rarely easy to set up, what with the wires and the other wires and the connectors and all that crap… Not to mention having ugly-ass speakers sitting all around your living room, and if you’re doing it properly, bolted to the ceiling. The SoundBulb is a combination lightbulb and wireless speaker system designed to solve all of these problems by letting you stick everything up in the ceiling and inside lamps.

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The Danger Bomb Clock


Getting out of bed in the morning is one of my hates. Rather then wake up I’d rather just ignore the alarm clock by leaning over to put it on snooze. The Danger Bomb Clock might change this bad habit though as it requires you to defuse a bomb every morning.

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Rewiring The Brain May Help Treat Paralysis

Rewiring The Brain May Help Treat Paralysis 

 Paralyzed monkeys regained the ability to move their wrists when their nervous systems were rewired.

Rerouting electrical signals around damaged nerves may one day help treat paralysis.  A pair of partially paralyzed monkeys regained the ability to move their wrists when researchers wired individual neurons directly to the monkey’s arm muscles, according to a study published online in Nature on Wednesday.

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