Got Gold? Then You Are Supporting Child Labor In Africa!


Sere Traore, 7, sells gold for 5,000 Guinean Francs (approx. $1) to gold buyer Majan Djwara,
in the region of the Fatoya mine, in Guinea on April 25, 2008. (AP Photo/Rukmini Callimachi)

If you wear a gold ring on your finger, write with a gold-tipped fountain pen, or have gold in your portfolio, then chances are you’re connected to child labor in Africa.

Here’s a disturbing article by Rukmini Callimachi and Bradley S. Kalpper of the Associated Press:

These hardscrabble miners include many thousands of children. They work long hours at often dangerous jobs in hundreds of primitive mines scattered through the West African bush. Some are as young as 4 years old. […]

Wait – but surely you didn’t buy any gold from Africa, right? Wrong.

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