Special Offer – Statasphere Boot Camp – January 9th


The Statasphere Boot Camp with Phil Lawson

What if there was a tool that could give you a significant competitive edge over your competition? And what if that tool helped put the entire rest of your life into perspective?

The most successful people in the world all have their own secret tools that give them an edge, so why not you?

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Club Workshop – Open Access Workshop Club

Club Workshop - Open Access Workshop Club 

Featured Invention at the Colorado Inventor Showcase 

Do you create? Are you an inventor?  Do you build things? Do you work on your own car? If you are any of the above than you’ve got to check out Club Workshop!  Denver’s first open access workshop club, featuring equipment, facilities and training for a wide variety of personal projects and interests; from automotive to electronics, inventing to prototyping, woodworking to metalworking.

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