Facebook Soon To Be Worth Over $1 Billion A Year According To New Figures From Inside Facebook


Facebook is set to be worth over $1 billion a year, according to new figures that estimate projected revenue for the social networking site.

Facebook is set to break the billion dollars of revenue mark by the end of 2010, according to Inside Facebook’s new figures.

Tending virtual farms

Facebook has over 400 million users, many of whom spend an inordinate amount of time poking their online mates and tending to their virtual farms.

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18 of the World’s Strangest Airports


Kansai International Airport – Osaka, Japan

Engineers tasked with building an airport are faced with countless challenges: The ideal location needs ample space, endless flat ground, favorable winds and great visibility. But spots in the real world are rarely ideal, and engineers are forced to work with what they have, making sure that the end product is the safest possible structure for pilots. A survey of airports around the world turns up a mixed bag, ranging from dangerous and rugged landing strips to mega-size facilities that operate like small cities. Here, PM explores the world’s most remarkable airports and why they stand out.  (Pics)

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70% of the World’s Population Restricted From Practicing Religion Freely


Religion repressed in a third of all countries

In Indonesia, Muslim groups burn down a mosque belonging to the minority Ahmadiyya. In Singapore, the government refuses to recognize Jehovah’s Witnesses. In Belgium, 68 religion-based hate crimes are reported in 2007 alone. People living in a third of all countries are restricted from practicing religion freely, either because of government policies and laws or hostile acts by individuals or groups, according to a study released Wednesday by the Pew Research Center, “Global Restrictions on Religion.”


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Guinness Book: Best Records of the Decade

most_body_piercing 5342
Our pick goes to this hella holy fella.
Guinness World Records are searching for the people’s choice of the decade. Having shortlisted a top 100 from every record set in several categories during the past 10 years they now want the public to vote online for the best.
The man with the most body piercings is John Lynch a.k.a. ‘Prince Albert’, who was counted as having 241 piercings, including 151 in his head and neck, in Hammersmith, London, on 17 October 2008
Here’s the others…

Globe Trotting Man Visits Every Country on Earth

All Over The Planet In Seven Years! 

55-year-old Indian citizen Kashi Samaddar has completed an almost-seven year trip around the world. He has visited all 194 countries in the world, thereby setting a world record.

He spent £350,000 to visit every country on earth in the shortest time possible and thereby earnt himself a mention in the Guinness Book of Records – just don’t expect to be thrilled by his pictures.

Samaddar’s mission was inspired by trouble he had in South Africa in 2002 over his Indian passport. Samaddar then vowed to visit every country in the world to show it could be done!

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Man-Made Crises Outpacing Our Ability To Deal With Them


The world faces a compounding series of crises driven by human activity, which existing governments and institutions are increasingly powerless to cope with, a group of eminent environmental scientists and economists has warned.  In today’s issue of the leading international journal Science, the researchers say that nations alone are unable to resolve the sorts of planet-wide challenges now arising.


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How Megacities Mimic Life


Smog in Cairo, Egypt, one of the world’s megacities

A scientific trend to view the world’s biggest cities as analogous to living, breathing organisms is fostering a deep new understanding of how poor air quality in megacities can harm residents, people living far downwind, and also play a major role in global climate change. That’s the conclusion of a report on the “urban metabolism” model of megacities presented here today at the 238th National Meeting of the American Chemical Society (ACS).


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Russian Cheerleaders – A New Cultural Phenomenon

Russian Cheerleaders 781

Russian Cheerleaders – Establishing their own brand of elegance

Russian sports teams have long been some of the most competitive in the world, but the cheerleaders are just now making their way on to the world stage establishing a whole new style and provocative new standards. But they do add a whole new meaning to the word “titillating”.  (Pics)

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The US Lags Behind World In Understanding Climate Change


Dire forecasts of the damage climate change will do keep rolling in. Scientists keep warning anyone who’ll listen, sometimes at the top of their lungs. Bloggers keep on blogging. But evidently, the message just isn’t getting through to Americans. In a recent poll, Americans find climate change to be the lowest priority out of any country in the entire world. That’s right; every country polled, including the UK, France, India, China, Chile, Mexico–even Iraq and Palestine–believe climate change is more of an urgent issue than we do.


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