Alarming Trend as More U.S. Teenagers Are Getting Botox Injections

teens and botox

More teens in U.S. getting Botox treatments.

While many had the injections for medical rather than cosmetic reasons officials with the American Society of Plastic Surgeons said teens were seeking the treatment as a way to quickly correct their looks.  The anti wrinkle drug is being used on a variety of perceived imperfections, such as a ‘too gummy’ smile or even a square jaw.


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Face Lift Belt Tugs On Your Face While You Sleep


facelift belt mask crazy thing

 A Face Lift Without a Knife

It’s not easy defying mother nature, eventually those wrinkles will catch up with you.  However, if you’re still attempting to hold out a little longer there’s always this Face Lift Belt.   It lifts your face all night long and then during the day you’ll have that perky young face you’ve always wanted. 

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Water – Best Therapy For Wrinkle-Free Skin


Best therapy for wrinkle-free skin is water

Water may act as a weapon against ageing, and help keep wrinkles at bay, according to a study.  Scientists have recently identified 1,500 genes that determine how long people can keep their youthful looks, and found that there are eight ways in which skin ages, each controlled by different sets of genes.

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