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Invisible DNA mist is traceable under blacklight for two weeks.

Apparently, robbing McDonald’s has become a thing in Australia. McRobbery’s are so rampant down under that McDonald’s locations in Aussieland are taking measures to protect themselves by spraying criminals with an invisible mist of DNA. I repeat, AN INVISIBLE MIST OF DNA. The DNA seeps into the criminal’s skin and is visible under blacklight for two weeks.

Sounds ape nuts right? I mean, this sort of tech is needed at a McDonald’s? Of all places!? According to McDonald’s, this is how the SelectDNA system works…

“Once there has been a security breach, the hi-tech spray unit will douse fleeing robbers with an invisible, synthetic DNA solution. The solution is invisible to the naked eye and unique to each location. It stays on clothing for up to six months and on skin for up to two weeks.”

Police would then scan suspects under UV light to see if they carry the DNA on their body and clothes. And then presumably make fun of them for hours and hours for robbing a McDonald’s. SelectDNA was developed in the UK (where it’s being used already) and is currently being tested for use in select Aussie Mickey D’s. The spray of invisible mist DNA is composed of 60 variable chromosomes and is non-toxic, non-allergenic and totally safe.

SO TAKE NOTE BAD PEOPLE: If you rob a Mickey D’s, you will wear the scarlet letter of shame on YOUR SKIN. Go rob a bank to save yourself the embarrassment.


via Geekologie