Now THAT’S a puzzle!

When kids say fun and games, most parents are not happy. They are not happy that the learning progression is not in process during such activities, and their stand seems much justified. But that is, except in the case of two indoor games. One is the famous board game- Scrabble. Scrabble has been highly popular for decades now. Its bundles of fun for the children and the parents are happy as it helps build a voracious vocabulary. Yet another is the Rubik’s Cube. In the 1980s, people who could solve the Rubik’s Cube were considered geniuses and the faster they could do it, the better. Now what if these two were clubbed together ?

Well look out world, here comes the Scruble Cube. Do you have an insatiable desire to build your lexis library? Looking to improve and master lighting fast thinking on your feet and a cure for boredom too? Well the Scruble Cube is definitely your thing. It presents a brilliant blend of game history’s best word game and puzzle to keep you busy and entertained for as many hours as you choose to work on it. All through the while, you are sure to learn new words and work your grey cells out.

Some fans and enthusiasts have dubbed it the ‘fun machine’. Everyone, from a kindergartener to a member of the baby boomer generation is sure to enjoy it if received as a gift. The benefits are several in numbers. The player is forced to think creatively, racking his brain continuously for new words and patterns. In fact, basic arithmetic is a fundamental knowledge that is required to play with the Scruble Cube and as time goes by, your understanding of it is sure to increase and the mental processes speed up amazingly. In fact, you will also learn skills such as strategising and helps you to focus all your attention and effort.

The Scruble Cube, in short, is remarkable. This patent-pending 3-D game is fun unlimited and a learning hub combined into one. Whether it is during a long flight or in your favourite corner on the porch, it is a potable bag of entertainment that you can carry around wherever you like. There are infinite configurations and no two consecutive sessions played on it could be alike.