By Montse Guardia

For a few years, technology has allowed us to exchange languages. We can travel safely, despite our ignorance of multiple languages ​​that is because we have the necessary support in our pocket. At the same time, we can learn these languages ​​regardless of where we are thanks to studying them with native speakers through mobile applications. 

We are prepared to create tools that allow us to tele-communicate between different cultures, growing in knowledge and wisdom, beyond our knowledge of the vocabulary, grammar, and expressions of a language. 

We are in the century in which we teach communication to machines, in which we get machines to express themselves naturally even in non-verbal communication. We are, we are prepared to learn, disseminate and deepen AI. But George Bernard Shaw told us that “the biggest problem of communication is the illusion that it has taken place”, we are in an era in which words are quickly labels to which we associate not only concepts, but also ideas and opinions and confusion. 

We are in the century in which we teach communication to machines, in which we get machines to express themselves naturally.

We need a compass. We need to go to the root, we need the etymology, to orient ourselves and deepen our understanding of the concept of technological convergence by relating labels such as Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence that represent such complex and at the same time popular concepts.

Observation, biology, and meteorology.

The word convergence is a term that derives from the Latin, it is exactly the result of the sum of the following components: the prefix “con”, which is synonymous with “completely”, the verb “vergere”, which is equivalent to “bow” , the element “-nt-“, which means “agent”, and the suffix “-ia”, which is used to indicate “quality”. Then we speak of the quality of being an agent to bow completely, or to come together in a certain place or state.

We associate the word convergence with a concept depending on the context. In biology, we talk about evolutionary convergence to conceptualize the evolutionary phenomena of species to “solve” the same problem posed in diverse, separate ecological niches, in which each one survives and to which it needs to adapt. 

The fact that there is convergent evolution in a characteristic, in biology, it can be considered as a small natural proof that this characteristic is a solution that can be especially adaptive in certain environments or that we can even reason that only that solution is valid in nature for a certain problem. 

As if two human civilizations anchored in islands very far from each other, when they want to leave their respective islands they arrive at the same solution: create a raft with dry trunks. They converge on the same idea without having communicated with each other, without spying on the neighbors of the other island.

Thus, seeing the similarity between human teeth and the teeth of the species of fish, common in the Caribbean Sea, and in the Gulf of Mexico called sargo chopa (Archosargus probatocephalus), we can conclude that this type of denture is an effective solution for species that with it can feed on different elements for which they need to be able to pound with strong grinding wheels or start with the incisors.

This denture is an adaptive trait for species whose evolutionary history has “led”, “converged”, “completely inclined” to be omnivorous.

If we continue observing, in the science of meteorology, we look after the phenomena of convergence and divergence. To increase the quality and precision of a weather forecast, it is necessary to know how to analyze them and analyze the dynamics they possess, how they affect the weather and how we can recognize them.

When two horizontal air currents meet, convergence occurs, air congestion in a certain area as a consequence of its displacement, as if a 4-lane street suddenly happens to have only 1 lane, so we increase the traffic in the area, and the opposite, when there are two lanes and suddenly, there are more lanes, at this moment the vehicles begin to separate and congestion, we have divergence, due to the movement of air masses, is reduced, it disperses and gives rise to areas with very little air. 

Talking about the dynamics of air in the atmosphere leads us to talk about atmospheric pressure. In an area where there is air divergence, we will find a reduction in atmospheric pressure, the air always tends to go to the area where it has less pressure to occupy the gaps, and these air movements may lead to a cyclone or synonym of bad weather. 

In the area where there is a convergence of the air, we will have higher atmospheric pressure and, therefore, the existence of an anticyclone, that is, we will have a good time.

In the field of technology, software, and hardware, we were inspired by the concepts of convergence in biology and meteorology, to define the technological convergence of two large groups of information technologies Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence

To speak of Blockchain, is to speak of a digital architecture based on a decentralized meshed network of nodes with software that allows the same information chain to be transmitted in a systematic, sequential and encrypted way. 

In the field of technology, software and hardware, we are inspired by the concepts of convergence.

To talk about AI is to talk about technology with models to analyze, classify and make predictions from data, with the characteristic that these models can improve (learn) over time as they receive new data, to obtain information. 

Data quality is key, models will be effective if data sets are updated with recent and relevant data. Talking about technological convergence, in this case, in a first approach, will be to conclude that, if the data is fundamental for the effectiveness of AI, and Blockchain allows the secure exchange of data collaboratively, an honest, transparent exchange, in a trusted network, then Blockchain enables more security, more data, to be shared before AI extracts information from it.

If technological convergence can lead us to various interpretations, such as linking technological services or products through the same device, or defining the ability to link different technological bases that have evolved from different roots but that can provide solutions to the same problem; then the technological convergence of Blockchain and AI, is the possibility of converging these technologies to create the perfect anticyclone of a telecommunication of knowledge and wisdom

Data quality is key, the models will be effective if the data sets are updated with recent and relevant data.

A tangible, honest, and transparent telecommunication, between humans, and responding to George Bernard Shaw a communication undoing the illusion of having had it.