The oven, unveiled at CES, will also live stream your cooking to social media.


Samsung’s Bespoke line of appliances contains some of the most advanced and most attractive options on the market, functioning as a sort of Holy Grail for design-forward techies. At CES 2023, Samsung has unsurprisingly added to the line with new Bespoke Side-by-Side and Top-Mounted Freezer Refrigerators along with a new flagship fridge, the Bespoke 4-Door Flex Refrigerator with Family Hub, which doubles the size of its predecessor’s touchscreen display to 32 inches. 

woman using a samsung bespoke ai fridge


While a fridge with a 32” TV in the door is certainly newsworthy (in addition to acting as a WiFi-connected smart home hub, the embedded screen offers 190 free channels through Samsung TV Plus), the appliance that really stole the show for Samsung is the new Bespoke AI Oven. AI is everywhere at CES this year, so naturally, it was going to show up in your kitchen. The oven features what Samsung calls Sense Inside, which the brand claims is the first AI algorithm of its kind to receive an AI cooking appliance verification from UL Solutions.

The AI, working in conjunction with an in-oven camera, is able to recognize 80 different dishes and ingredients (106 on the EU version, for some reason) and offer cooking recommendations along with real-time burn detection that will alert you if your meal goes awry. You can even sync the oven to your Samsung Health account to receive recipe recommendations … from your oven … that align with your diet and fitness goals. In addition to traditional baking, the oven features Full Steam, Air Fry and Sous Vide modes.

Perhaps the most interesting thing about the oven’s camera is that it offers the ability to livestream your cooking content directly to social media, offering up an enticing new medium for the booming world of online food content creators. 

What’s the ultimate kitchen appliance brag: a fridge with a 32” TV or an oven that creates content for TikTok? We’ll find out soon enough, as the Samsung Bespoke 4-Door Flex Refrigerator with Family Hub+ will roll out within the first half of the year and the Samsung Bespoke AI Oven is set to land in the US this summer.