In the swiftly evolving realm of wearable technology, 2024 stands as a pivotal year, poised to usher in a new era marked by innovation, accessibility, and heightened user experiences. India, having already established itself as a leading market for smartwatches with a remarkable 167% year-on-year growth in 2022, continues to witness similar trends in CY23, showcasing a global market growth rate of 30%.

As 2024 unfolds, the focus shifts beyond smartwatches to encompass a broader spectrum of wearable devices. Specialized gadgets such as smart rings, air-purifying headphones, and smart eyewear are on the rise, catering to specific needs. The year promises a diverse array of products featuring advanced health monitoring tools and augmented reality wearables, seamlessly integrating into users’ lifestyles and addressing their unique preferences.

Central to the wearables revolution of 2024 is a commitment to enhancing user experience. Localization of user interfaces (UI) and user experiences (UX) takes center stage, acknowledging the diverse landscape of India. Fueled by data integration and machine learning, brands are increasingly adopting in-house app integration, ensuring more personalized and intuitive interactions with devices that transcend conventional technological boundaries.

The trend towards integrated ecosystems among devices gains momentum, reflecting consumer demand for wearables with standalone features. Basic smartwatches now offer SIM-based or standalone calling, as well as Wi-Fi connectivity, providing users with a more independent and versatile wearable experience.

The success story of wearables in India continues to be characterized by a delicate balance between high-end specifications and entry-level pricing. In 2024, this trend is expected to flourish, with industry reports indicating increased competitiveness among Indian brands. The industry is pivoting towards providing affordable technology, emphasizing the need for accessibility over the premiumization of products.

In 2023, the shift towards offline channels highlighted the importance of an omnichannel presence. In 2024, brands will continue expanding into Tier 3 and Tier 4 cities, recognizing the slow growth of internet penetration in India. A multi-faceted approach to reaching the target audience becomes crucial in democratizing access to cutting-edge wearable technology.

Collaborations between global and local players emerge as catalysts for innovation in 2024. International partnerships bring forth new features and functionalities, contributing to the evolution of the wearables ecosystem in India. This collaborative trend, witnessed in the smartphone industry, is set to continue, with products like wrist-worn phones on the horizon.

The introduction of the Humane AI Pin signifies a significant shift, propelling wearable technology into a future where artificial intelligence (AI) seamlessly integrates into daily experiences. Working towards a scenario where wearables transform into personalized, intelligent companions, the AI Pin embodies a holistic vision of technological companionship. However, this optimism comes with challenges, as the integration of profound AI raises questions about privacy and user autonomy.

Echoing the evolution witnessed with smartphones, the trajectory of the AI Pin hints at a future where the boundaries between technology and personal life blur, presenting exciting possibilities and considerations. 2024 promises to be a dynamic year for wearables, offering a scope for these devices to become the focal point of technological innovation, enhancing connectivity, and empowering consumers across the nation.

By Impact Lab