Reinventing the News – What Will that Look Like?


There has been a lot of talk in media circles about how the “story” needs to be disrupted, so that news can be rendered in a way that makes more sense for a real-time, digital and mobile age — but so far all we have is more listicles and slideshows, or streams of headlines that mimic a wire service. About the only company that is really trying hard to disrupt the idea of a news story from the inside out is Circa, the news startup co-founded (and funded) by Cheezburger founder Ben Huh, and it is doing so by thinking about news the way programmers think about code, or scientists think about atoms. (Video)



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Robots Designed To Save Lives Of Construction Workers

Robots Designed To Save Lives Of Construction Workers 

Modern robots are designed to ensure that most tasks are made easy, comfortable and safe for us. The most important aspect of using robotics lies in fields which present extreme danger to human life or in cases where our organic body can no longer withstand the crushing forces of the elements around. It for this reason that fields like marine biology and cosmology working in extreme environments depend heavily on modern robotics. With the construction industry literally reaching whole new heights, robotics is entering the new field to save lives of construction workers who indulge in dangerous tasks at precariously high altitudes.

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