Amazing and terrifying views from this house hidden in a cliff


‘Casa Brutale’ is a striking house design created by two Greek architects that perfectly complements the powerful concrete style known as brutalism – they’ve embedded their luxury brutalist home into a cliff, creating a severe yet inviting structure with an at once beautiful and terrifying view.   Continue reading… “Amazing and terrifying views from this house hidden in a cliff”


Futuristic Concepts in Green Technology are Getting Attention

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Frederic Scheer, Cereplast CEO,  hopes to use an algae byproduct to make utensils and other items.

Clean-tech ideas that have received government funding include using bacteria to make a gasoline-type fuel. Solar proposals seeking funding include sending collectors into space and beaming the sun power back to Earth.


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Aston Martin Supercar of 2025 Designs


Students at the Istituto Europeo Di Design (IED) Turin have designed concepts for an Aston Martin supercar for 2025. The idea was to create a car that would be fit for the roads of the future, and also live up to the sporty design, performance and elegance that is expected from an Aston supercar. (Pics and videos)

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Learning With Robot-Aided Therapy

Learning With Robot-Aided Therapy 

A robot named Cosmo has become six-year-old Kevin Fitzgerald’s unlikely ally in his uphill everyday battle with developmental difficulties.

At a strip mall clinic in suburban Maryland, Kevin is at the unlikely intersection of new efforts to treat symptoms of autism, cerebral palsy and other developmental disorders with robotics and computer work.

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