Driving Three Hours at Night as Bad as Driving Drunk

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Two hours of motorway driving in the dark can affect performance so severely it is the same as having a couple of drinks.

Just three hours behind the wheel at night can make motorists drive as badly as if they were drunk, according to scientists.  Driver tiredness after a few hours has the same effect as being over the drink-driving limit, a study has revealed.


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Study: Progress Made in Getting Drunk, Drugged Drivers Off the Road


30 million Americans admit to driving drunk in the past year.

More than 30 million Americans admit to drunken driving in the previous 12 months and more than 10 million say they drove while on illicit drugs, according to a survey of driving habits between 2006 and 2009.


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Look, No Hands: Cars That Drive Better Than You

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Remember the old days of driving WITH hands?

WITH his jeans, white trainers and stripy top, Bob is every inch the well-dressed 6-year-old. He’s standing in the middle of a hotel car park and, scarily, I’m driving straight at him. Instead of hitting the brakes, I put my foot down on the accelerator. With just 10 metres to go, a row of red lights flashes across my windscreen and there’s an urgent, high-pitched beeping sound. An instant later, I am jerked forward as the brakes slam on automatically and the car screeches to a halt just short of Bob’s stomach.

This is what Bob is for. The child-sized dummy has just helped me test the first in-car system that can sense an imminent collision with pedestrians and brake automatically if the driver doesn’t. It is being put through final trials before being launched in May by Swedish car maker Volvo in its new S60 model.

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Run a Total Background Check on Yourself with Free Online Tools


Consumer-advocate blog Consumerist is always looking to help you keep tabs on Big Brother and any of your personal information He’s tracking. Toward that end, their comprehensive list of online background-checking tools is worth a look.

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Testing The Electric Vehicle-To-Grid Connection



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It’s not often that a press event at the American Association for the Advancement of Science Meeting features a car. But the car that was driven into the press room today was an electric one, with some added communications skills: it could talk with the electric grid…

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Funeral Home Offers Drunk Drivers FREE Burial

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The owner of a north Georgia funeral home has quite a deal if you plan to drink and drive on New Year’s Eve. Sign an agreement, and you can qualify for a free burial.

It’s a freebie that no one has signed up to accept.

“In today’s society, you have to go to the extreme sometimes to get their attention,” says Barry Miller, owner of McGuire Jennings Miller Funeral Home in Rome.


Affective Intelligent Driving Agent (AIDA) Developed By MIT



As if you don’t have enough distractions while driving, the Personal Robots Group at the MIT Media Lab and MIT’s SENSEable City Lab have teamed up to create AIDA, a robot that lives in your dashboard, is way smarter than you, and has no compunctions about letting you know it: (Video)


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TXTBlocker: Stops Texting While Driving



TXTBlocker is a software and online service combo which locks off a registered mobile phone from making or receiving text messages or calls while in a car. It uses cell and GPS data to determine location and speed and decide whether the phone is actually in a car, and once it thinks it is, boom, the service is automatically limited.


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