Warner Brothers to Offer Movie Rentals on Facebook

Dark Knight

Warner Brothers will rent “The Dark Knight” to American users over Facebook for the equivalent of $3 in Facebook’s currency.

Warner Brothers became the first major media company to offer a movie for rent on Facebook, a move that could position the social network to become a force in the digital distribution of movies, rivaling services like Netflix and iTunes.


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Netflix Stabs Us In The Heart So Hollywood Can Drink Our Blood


I love Netflix. They’re one of my favorite companies. I think they run their business right both internally and externally. That’s why it was so painful yesterday when they stabbed me in the heart.

As you may have heard by now, Netflix reached an agreement with the movie studio Warner Brothers to hold off on the release of new Warner Brothers DVD and Blu-ray movies until after they’ve been on sale for 28 days. Similar agreements with other major studios are likely to follow. That means you can kiss new release rentals goodbye on Netflix. Simply put, this is bullshit.

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