Do you to agree to Apple’s Terms of Service?

You know the drill … You open iTunes and there’s a popup that asks you to download a new version. You download the newest version and there’s another popup asking you to agree to Apple’s Terms of Service. But it’s over 55-pages long! You scroll to the bottom and hastily click “Agree,” because what’s the worst that can happen right? Right?

Well in South Park’s out-of-control genius premiere Wednesday night creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone took iPhone Location-gate to the next level in a plot line that was a mashup of a Stevenote and the horror film “The Human Centipede.”

In the episode, Kyle, who apparently is one of the only people in South Park who didn’t read the iTunes TOS, inadvertently agrees to become the middle part of a Human CentiPad or a “part human, part centipede, part web browser and part emailing device.” Hilarity ensues.

Classic line: “I should have never updated iTunes.”