What would you send into space via a space post office?

Young children living the Western world will often spend December writing letters to be sent the North Pole in the hope of reaching Santa Claus. In China, however, people of all ages now have a new reason to get the pen and paper out again as China Post are now offering a service that sends letters into space…

The letters sadly don’t actually go into space, instead an electronic version of the letter is beamed up to the Tiangong-1 spacecraft currently orbiting the Earth and is then rerouted back to China’s first ever “Space Post Office”. Once back on the ground the e-letters are printed and placed into space style envelopes and marked with the “Space City One” postal stamp.


Up, up and away!

Despite being a bit of gimmick it’s a very creative attempt to encourage Chinese citizens to send letters and help drum up business for China Post. Plus with Chinese astronaut Yang Liwei (楊利偉) adopting the role as “Head of the Space Post Office” what could possibly go wrong?