Many do not have the entrepreneurial mindset when we start a business.

Most people are born with entrepreneurial traits when they start their business.  Those traits are acquired along the way.  The biggest hurdle to overcome in your business usually is fear.  Despite wanted to succeed in life this fear holds us back to do what we want to do.  Here are five steps to overcome fear in business.




Step 1: Replacing your old belief with a new belief
Do you know that our actions and behaviors today are governed by our old belief and life experiences in the past? We are trapped in our old belief and we have a tendency to think with this belief. In order to overcome our fear in business, we must adopt a new belief to replace this old belief.

Step 2: Understanding what business means to you.
What is your intention to build a business? Do you think beyond the profits? What does business mean to you? Do you have a vision for your life? What is your mission in business? When we get excited about our mission and vision in business, the fear of starting a business will lessen.

Step 3: Cultivating Entrepreneurial Mindset
Many of us do not have the entrepreneurial mindset when we start a business. That is okay, the entrepreneurial mindset can developed along the way. By acquiring the entrepreneurial mindset, we will not give up our business easily. We overcome our fear in business by developing the entrepreneurial traits.

Step 4: Building Self-confidence
One of the root causes in fear is lack of self-confidence. I see that kids have greater self-confidence than adults. Self-confidence reflects your emotional maturity. Many adults lack self-confidence due to their failures, and they accumulate their fear. By building self-confidence, you are growing your emotional state, and your business fear will subside.

Step 5: Overcoming Fear in Marketing
The number one fear in business could be the fear in marketing. People hate selling, and they have a perception that marketing is equal to selling. They do not like to push people to buy, and they face rejections. However, there are many marketing strategies and techniques developed, and they are not necessarily to confront people. You can overcome your fear in business by learning marketing and develop a UNIQUELY YOU marketing strategy. Position yourself and your branding well so you will attract people.

How do you know if you have fear of starting a business? Well, if you have the following symptoms:

1. You are not moving forward, and you always have a negative perception about business.
2. You are trapped in an old belief.
3. You lack self-confidence in carrying out your business activities.
4. You hate selling and marketing.

Then, you have fear in business. You shall get a help to overcome your business fear. My tips for solo entrepreneurs are managing your fear in business first, then you can develop entrepreneurial mindset and go for your dream and goals in business and life. What is more important to your life, your dream or your fear?

Photo credit:  YFS Magazine