Getting an appointment, waiting for your turn and then going through a time consuming process makes manicure a hassle for people across the globe. But in an age when technology has accelerated the pace of all daily tasks, taking care of yourself shouldn’t be such a painstaking procedure.

Hospitality chains in the UAE have launched apps to book spa treatments while ensuring contactless service, and now friendly robots have also been rolled out to provide care for people at home. In the post-pandemic era when visits to the salon won’t be the same for a while, an Israeli startup has created a gadget that performs manicures at the push of a button.

The robo-beautician will be powered by algorithms and accurate imaging tech to scan a person’s nails before working its magic on their hands. Nimble beauty’s smart machine creates a 3D visualisation of nails, takes a good look at it via computer vision and paints nails in four steps.

The device which can be kept at home, applies a base and layers of polish, before coating nails and drying them up with warm air. All this takes place in a short time, while users can relax or perform other tasks.

Providing self-care with convenience has struck a chord with consumers, helping Nimble meet its funding target via KickStarter in just 11 minutes. The company has already received 4000 orders for the gadget, and is hoping to expand with additional financial support.

The high-tech beauty product follows the legacy of firms like Aviv Clinic, which promises to make people young by actually reversing the entire ageing process.

Speaking of manicures, another Middle Eastern city, Dubai witnessed the launch of a process where a tiny chip to store data can be embedded on a person’s nails. The device is currently designed to carry info like contacts as well as Instagram profile data.