Hadrian X robot said to build homes quicker and cheaper than traditional methods 

By Emily Twinch

The Hadrian X robot that can built a home in up to three days.

A robot said to lay bricks with “absolute perfection” has completed the first clay block house for materials giant Wienerberger in Australia. 

The masonry robot Hadrian X built the home in the Australian suburb of Wellard with Wienerberger’s Porotherm bricks and will now construct more single- and multi-family homes with the same blocks as part of the pilot project.

In a statement the Austria-based brick and products giant, which is working in partnership with the robot’s Australian designer, Fastbrick Robotics, said: “The robot not only accelerates the bricklaying process, but also excels in terms of precision, laying bricks with absolute perfection. Wind and vibrations are measured and balanced in real time. 

“This forward-looking technology will revolutionise residential construction by making it faster, less expensive and more efficient, and guarantee a higher standard of quality.”

Wienerberger also said that individual bricks are cut in a way that helps to save resources and reduce the volume of waste generated.

Wienerberger signed a multi-stage partnership agreement with Fastbrick Robotics in 2018 to create a bricklaying robot. 

Depending on the complexity of the design, Hadrian X is able to complete the bricklaying process for a house in one to three days. 

Wienerberger said it believed the Hadrian X was “capable of serving the European residential construction market”.

Via HousingToday.co.uk