Rocket-Proofed Indoor Playground


Some pretty cool ideas come out of hard times

Brightly painted walls surround a mini-soccer field, video games, a climbing wall and play areas. The converted warehouse also has a new thick concrete roof, a half dozen shelters and an alert system to give a 15-second warning of incoming rockets.

The children of Sderot finally have a safe place to play. Continue reading… “Rocket-Proofed Indoor Playground”

Bullet Proof Polo Shirt

Bullet Proof Polo Shirt 

 Caballero’s Bullet Proof Polo Shirt

Tantalizingly made for security-seeking wealthy folks, this anti-ballistic polo shirt takes safety to an altogether new level! With many wealthy people normally on the hit-lists of gruesome militias, this polo shirt from Caballero is something which just ups the security factor.

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Creating the Real IronMan – Top 4 Real Contenders


Full Exoskeleton Body Armor Suit

Troy Hurtubise the inventor of the “Trojan”. First ballistic, full exoskeleton body suit of armour. Bullet proof, night proof, shock proof, bomb proof, full body armor!

We did some research and come up with videos of the four major contenders to build a real IronMan. More after the jump.


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