Researchers develop new method to grow human skin from stem cells that replicates the real thing

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The method could viably produce enough skin samples to be used commercially for drug and cosmetics testing.

The use of animal testing for medical research than for cosmetics testing is much easier to defend.  Yet many cosmetics companies continue to test on animals to ensure that their products don’t produce negative outcomes for their human customers.



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Widely-used phthalates a threat to male fertility


Phthalate levels correlated with infertility in men.

Federal researchers recently spent four years tracking 501 couples as they tried to have children in a study on the impact of everyday chemicals on fertility. One of the findings stood out: while both men and women were exposed to known toxic chemicals, men seemed much more likely to suffer fertility problems as a result.



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The Story of Cosmetics

Let me start out by saying there are a lot of good people in the chemicals industry and in the cosmetics industry. But, as Annie Leonard points out in her newest eye-opener The Story of Cosmetics: the “system is broken”. Most people remain unaware just how broken the system is, trusting that the government takes care for their safety. Is Annie Leonard’s newest foray into battle the tipping point for change?
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Formaldehyde Linked To More Common Cancers

Formaldehyde Linked To More Common Cancers 

Doctors fear tens of thousands of children were exposed to dangerous levels of the cancer-causing agent formaldehyde in the post-Katrina FEMA trailers and could have lifelong illnesses.

New research raises additional concerns about the harmful effects of formaldehyde, a common chemical found in everything from plywood to nail polish, car exhaust and cigarette smoke.

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Cosmetics For The Dead Make The Late Look Great


Looking Great For Your Final Date

It’s never too late to look great… so says Kotoko Sato, a trained make-up artist who has applied her talents to making the dead look alive. Sato has teamed up with Japanese cosmetics firm Falf Inc. to market Delfino (Italian for “dolphin”), a line of beauty products specially designed for the needs of the dead.

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