Liquid Light develops cheaper process to make chemicals from CO2

liquid light co2

A startup says it has a more efficient process to use carbon dioxide for making valuable chemical feedstocks.

Liquid Light startup has developed an electrochemical process to use waste carbon dioxide as a starting ingredient for chemicals. The company says its method is significantly cheaper than conventional methods for converting CO2 into chemicals.



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Urine Could Hold The Key To Low Cost Energy, Say Scientists

urine for sale

Finding new uses for urine.

Urine could hold the secret to low cost energy, university boffins have revealed.

Researchers have developed a system to test whether it can be used in fuel cells as an alternative to flammable hydrogen or toxic methanol.

The work at Heriot-Watt University, Edinburgh, concentrates on urea, or carbamide, a mass-manufactured fertiliser and major component in human and animal urine.

The new Carbamide Power System could offer a non-toxic, low-cost, easily transportable alternative, academics said…

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Bio-Sensing Underwear Track Your Vitals


Bio-sensing underwear

Forget gossipy neighbors, peeping toms, or shady repairmen. In the future, you may be handing out non-disclosure agreements to your underwear drawer. Researchers from Taiwan and U.C. San Diego have devised a way to print electrochemical sensors directly onto fabric, which means that those tighty whities you’re wearing could someday monitor your vitals. (No word on whether they’ll text-message your friends, too.)


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