New law in California will let kids erase online past

All websites must give minors in California an option to delete user activity.

Google’s Eric Schmidt suggested earlier this year that the internet should have a “delete” button for individuals that wanted to remove troubling information from the web, and thanks to a new law minors in California will get that chance.



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New Sharpie Remains Erasable For 3 Days

sharpie erase 333

Go Go Gadget Sharpie!

Well folks, it’s finally happened: mechanical pencils and markers are breeding. What’s next, paperclip/staple orgies? NOT IN MY DESK DRAWER! Haha, like I have a desk!

Sharpie has combined the permanence of a pen with the erasability of a pencil with their new Liquid Pencil. The “ink” inside this pen is a liquid graphite that stays erasable for three days. After that, it turns to ink and stays permanent…

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Scientists Able To Erase Mice Memories


Mice Can No Longer Remember Elephants Being Afraid Of Them

Remember those movies that show devices used to erase the mind? Well, now researchers may be one step closer to that process. Scientists have now been able to remove certain memories from mice.

“While memories are great teachers and obviously crucial for survival and adaptation, selectively removing incapacitating memories, such as traumatic war memories or an unwanted fear, could help many people live better lives,” says Dr. Joe Z. Tsien, brain scientist and co-director of the Brain & Behavior Discovery Institute at the Medical College of Georgia School of Medicine. “Our work reveals a molecular mechanism of how that can be done quickly and without doing damage to brain cells.”

Dr. Tsien and his team were able to remove new and old memories by over-expressing a protein critical to brain cell communication just as the memory was recalled.

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