The amazing origami automatic stroller

Anyone who has dealt with collapsing and reopening a baby stroller knows it can be a real pain. And when you’re a parent trying to juggle kids, bags of baby gear and your shopping, the last thing you want to do is monkey around with a stroller that just won’t collapse properly.

The 4Moms company has created the solution to this problem: a stroller that collapses and reopens itself with the touch of a button…

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Folding Electric Bike – The “Mini-Farthing”

mini farthing 4321
If only I could wipe this swarmy look off my face…
The YikeBike is an electric, folding “mini-farthing” (think “penny-farthing”) bike — €3,500 gets you a 10kg electric scooter that folds up to the size of a cymbal set and travels 10-20km on a single charge at 20km/h. Ideal for short-hop commuters who are too lazy to pedal a bicycle, as well as anyone who doesn’t think a Segway is dorky enough!

FMG9: Prototype 9mm Folding Submachine Gun


In it’s closed position, while you’re carrying it around, the MagPul FMG9 is designed to look something like a portable radio, and incorporates a detachable tactical white light.

The FMG9 mini-SMG is very slickly designed and looks like a fully-developed product, which is particularly impressive considering that, according to our understanding at present, the MagPul team developed the FMG9 on short notice specifically for the SHOT Show 2008.

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