Tarzan the swinging robot could be the future of farming


Some farmers already use drones to monitor their crops, but a team of researchers from Georgia Tech have created a far more interesting alternative. Instead of designing yet another drone, they created a robot inspired by Kristen Bell’s favorite animal: the sloth. However, they named it “Tarzan” after the most recognizable character who moves by swinging from vine to vine.

Their machine was designed to move like the fictional jungle dweller. Tarzan will be able to swing over crops using its 3D-printed claws and parallel guy-wires stretched over fields. It will then take measurements and pictures of each plant with its built-in camera while suspended.
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Udacity introduces $7,000 Master Degree Program

Georgia Tech teams up with Udacity.

Sebastian Thrun and Udacity’s resolve to re-imagine higher education in a more affordable, accessible virtual classroom. Udacity continues to push forward with its plans to bring higher education online — and not just in bits, pieces and homework assignments.



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