Airbnb tops 10 million guest stays and 550,000 listed properties worldwide

Airbnb is a global marketplace where people can list space in their homes for rent.

How far has Airbnb come? More than 10 million people have stayed in Airbnb homes to date. This is a long way from the company’s early days when the founders hosted people on air mattresses in their apartment and basically went door-to-door to get traction.


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Blow Me: Onsite Breathalyzer Services

Blow Me:  Onsite Breathalyzer Services 

 Blow Me is an onsite breathalyzer service for your event.

Despite the overtly sexual connotation of the brand’s name Blow Me, it’s not what you think.  Blow Me is a company that has found a way to make a profit from one of the other major vices on the planet; excessive alcohol consumption.  Blow Me charges and fights the bad guys by administering onsite breathalyzer services.

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Hydropolis – Underwater Hotel

Hydropolis - Underwater Hotel 


No I’m not talking about a boring trip to the Aquarium or an episode of the Sopranos. No what I am referring to … is literally “sleeping with the fishes”. When one thinks about the future of travel, one might conjure up gaining passage on a rocket ship into space, the final frontier. Or that the honeymoons of the 21st century might actually entail a trip to the moon! Yes, yes… in all due course… I am sure that eventuality will happen. But what about exhausting the many unique features of terra firma before we actually decide to leave the planet? What about exploring the deep blue seas?

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