Akshat Saxena has most fingers and toes: Guinness World Records


Who’s got the most digits?

Count’em up. This young man born with 34 fingers and toes set a Guinness World Record for most digits.

Akshat Saxena had seven fingers on each hand and 10 toes on each foot when he was born in India in 2010, a Guinness spokeswoman told The Huffington Post.

“I was so happy to see my baby as it was our first child,” his mother Amrita Saxena told NDTV. “But later, when I saw his fingers, I was shocked and surprised.”

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Microsoft Kinect Sales Top 10 Million, Set New Guinness World Record

kinect_an 354678

Microsoft Kinect

Microsoft has sold more than 10 million Kinect systems for the Xbox 360 to retailers, the company announced Wednesday.

Kinect, a controller-free gaming system that competes with the Nintendo Wii and Playstation 3 Move, has been selling at animpressive rate since it launched in November.

During the first three months after its launch, this rate was fast enough to earn Kinect the title of “fastest-selling consumer device.” According to Guinness World Records, whichofficially confirmed the record today, Microsoft sold an average of 133,333 units per day between November 4 and January 3…

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World’s Hairiest Girl Celebrates Newfound Fame

Supatra Sasuphanportrait_1836896i

Supatra Sasuphan, an 11-year-old from Bangkok, Thailand, has been named
“Hairiest Girl in the World” by Guinness World Records

Supatra Sasuphan doesn’t mind being called the “World’s Hairiest Girl.” She and her family even sought the title from Guinness World Records.

The 11-year-old from Bangkok is likely to become a future Guinness star. She has a condition known as hypertrichosis, otherwise known as “Werewolf Syndrome.”

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