Genetic Test for ‘Speed Gene’ in Thoroughbred Horses


New research identifies the ‘speed gene’ contributing to a specific athletic trait in thoroughbred horses.

Groundbreaking research led by Dr Emmeline Hill, a leading horse genomics researcher at University College Dublin’s (UCD) School of Agriculture, Food Science and Veterinary Medicine has resulted in the identification of the ‘speed gene’ in thoroughbred horses.

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Llama Proteins Could Play a Vital Role in the War on Terror


Two llama ignoring the view of Machu Picchu.

Scientists at the Southwest Foundation for Biomedical Research (SFBR) have for the first time developed a highly sensitive means of detecting the seven types of botulinum neurotoxins (BoNTs) simultaneously.

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Domestic Horse Genome Sequenced


Twilight, a Thoroughbred horse from Cornell University.

An international team of researchers has decoded the genome of the domestic horse Equus caballus, revealing a genome structure with remarkable similarities to humans and more than one million genetic differences across a variety of horse breeds. In addition to shedding light on a key part of the mammalian branch of the evolutionary tree, the work also provides a critical starting point for mapping disease genes in horses.

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Pet Owners At Increased Risk Of Acquiring Fatal MRSA Infection

Pet Owners At Increased Risk Of Acquiring Fatal MRSA Infection

Pet bites can cause potentially fatal MRSA infection 

Pet owners are at an increased risk of getting infected with the potentially fatal MRSA infection through dogs and cats, say researchers.

Dr. Richard Oehler, of the University of South Florida, says that MRSA and skin infections in dogs and cats can be spread to humans through bites.

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‘Project Wanted Horse’

‘Project Wanted Horse’ 

This year, as a humanitarian effort, the National Black Farmers Association (NBFA) and the Aminal Welfare Institute (AWI) launched ‘Project Wanted Horse,” assuring that any horse rescued from slaughter or an abuse situation would be placed on one of 94,000 NBFA farms across the country. Del Camino Equestrian Enterprises Inc., which takes a very special interest in “senior” horses has honored the NFBA its 2008 Best Humane Business Innovation Award for its commitment to senior horses.

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A Visit to Beijing’s Exclusive Penis Restaurant

A Visit to Beijing’s Exclusive Penis Restaurant

The Guolizhuang menu is a broad introduction to the medicinal benefits of eating animal penises and testicles.

Whole yak penis or sheep testicles on a bed of curry, anyone? A Beijing restaurant serves painstakingly decorated gourmet dishes for the fearless. They’re supposed to increase male potency, but women should try a bite, too: Eating penis is good for the skin, apparently. (Pics)


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