70 percent of America’s silent films are lost forever: Study

Mary Pickford’s movies survive because she owned them, and donated them to the Library of Congress in 1946.

Seventy percent of America’s silent films are lost and most of the remaining ones are in great shape, according to a study conducted by the Library of Congress. Only about 3,300 of the 11,000 films made before “talkies” are left. Of those, 17 percent are incomplete, and some, like the only missing Greta Garbo feature, The Divine Woman, are down to a single remaining reel. What happened?



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The origins of ‘big data’

Digital technology is changing both how words and ideas are created and proliferate, and how they are studied.

The fundamental building blocks of language and culture are words and phrases, much as genes and cells are to the biology of life.  Words are how we express ideas.  Tracing their origin, development, and spread is not just an academic pursuit but a window into a society’s intellectual evolution.




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