emPower Electronic Corrective Eyeglasses to Replace Progressive Lenses and Bifocals

electronic eyeglasses

The emPower glasses use liquid crystals to avoid the problems of bifocals.

A new device may be joining smartphones, iPads and music players that you have to charge overnight: electronic eyeglasses. These glasses have tiny batteries, microchips and assorted electronics to turn reading power on when you need it and off when you don’t.


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Liquavista e-Reader Displays

Liquavista 1234

Reading, writing , reading…

Liquavista has rolled out a trio of new e-reader display technologies that are currently in a prototype mode, where they tout speedier page refreshes on e-book readers alongside support for video playback. Apart from that, it is hoped that this new technology would change the way Internet browsing on an e-book reader in the near future. (Video)

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Customizable MOY Concept Car

Customizable MOY Concept Car

MOY Concept Car

Elvis Tomljenovic describes his MOY as a concept car for “a generation who uses technology as a means to express themselves and communicate with others.” It landed him first prize in the Croatian Auto(r) Automotive Design Contest for its cute styling, and it caught our eye thanks to a crazy, proposed feature: playing video on the surface of the vehicle. (Pics)

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