Detroit’s Population Shrank 25% in Last Decade

The Motor City’s engine is dying. Detroit’s population shrank by more than 25% in the last decade, according to Census statistics reported in the New York Times. The city’s population fell to 713,777 in 2010, a drop of almost 240,000 residents. That’s 100,000 more than Katrina-ravaged New Orleans lost.

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3D Printing Technology Radically Transforms Manufacturing


 Co-founder, Scott Summit, of Bespoke Innovations, with a prosthetic limb.

Businesses in the South Park district of San Francisco generally sell either Web technology or sandwiches and burritos. Bespoke Innovations plans to sell designer body parts.  The company is using advances in a technology known as 3-D printing to create prosthetic limb casings wrapped in embroidered leather, shimmering metal or whatever else someone might want.


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Marketing Technologies: Providing Manufacturing Solutions From Prototype Through Production



Featured at the Colorado Inventor Showcase 2009

Marketing Technologies helps firms bring new products to market by assisting in their prototypes, design optimization, and manufacturing services.  They protect your intellectual property by manufacturing in North America.


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Double Sided LCD Screen Introduced By LG

Double Sided LCD Screen Introduced By LG 

 LG Double Sided Display

Lg is showing off thier new double sided LCD display at this years IMID 2008 conference held in Goyang City, Korea. The displays are 15″ and have a 14:1 contrast ratio. From a technical standpoint this is very impressive, these are not simply two screens attached to each other, but rather the same screen displaying an image on its front and back. Will the “two screens, one display” become a sensation or remain an oddity shown off at various industry shows? Only time and more importantly manufacturing costs will tell.

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