Single Moms at Risk of Poor Health Later in Life

single mom

Stress and financial strain may take toll.

Moms who had children outside of marriage may be at risk for poor health later in life.  Thousands of mothers who participated in a 30-year study, but the ones who had delivered children outside of marriage reported being less healthy when they reached their 40s than the ones who had postponed motherhood until after marriage.


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Amazing Photos – Parenting in a World of Chaos

Parenting 651

Parenting is challenging even in the best of times

Best advice to new parents – be flexible, be creative, and feel free to rewrite the rules whenever you have to. Being a parent is now more difficult that ever, and this amazing series of photos does an amazing job of capturing the craziness of our times. (Pics)

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The Five Scientific Reasons Mom Deserves Mother’s Day


Even science is behind mom on mother’s day

If you haven’t yet planned the brunch or picked out the flowers or at least mailed the card, then consider what follows the only motivation you should need. In short, mothers have it tough.

Changes in American culture have liberated women in many ways. Mom is now free to do all the chores moms have been doing for generations – such as wiping snot off kids’ noses, cleaning the house and handling all the family’s finances and social plans – and now she can work a day job or feel guilty for not having one, too. Continue reading… “The Five Scientific Reasons Mom Deserves Mother’s Day”

Study: Cesareans Weaken Mother-Baby Bond

 Study: Cesareans Weaken Mother-Baby Bond

Doctors may need to rethink their quick decisions for c-sections

Cesarean childbirth may weaken the attachment of a mother to her baby, a study published today claims. Scientists found women who had chosen to give birth naturally were more emotionally responsive to the cries of their child than women who had a cesarean delivery.

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More Mothers Breast-Feeding

More Mothers Breast-Feeding

Breastfeeding has become a popular sport among newborns

About 77 percent of new mothers breast-feed their infants at least briefly, the highest rate seen in the United States in more than a decade, according to a government survey released on Wednesday. In 1993 and 1994, just 60 percent of new mothers breast-fed their babies, but rates have been gradually rising ever since, according to regular surveys by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. (Pics)

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