Older moms more likely to live longer

older mom

There is a genetic link between giving birth at an older age and longevity.

Being able to have children naturally later in life may be a sign that women will live an unusually long time, according to new research. The link between the ability to give birth at older ages and longevity may be explained by genetic traits that facilitate both.



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Moms lead trend in mobile shopping

Moms tend to lead shopping and mobile trends.

More shoppers are becoming increasingly comfortable using the smartphone or tablet to browse retailer offerings, look for discounts and compare products. For moms especially, who tend to lead shopping and mobile trends, the use of these smart devices may have reached the tipping point: Mobile has become more than a nice accessory to augment the shopping process; it has become an essential stop in the path to purchase.



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Social Media Dominated By Stay-At-Home Moms


Mothers with children at home are more likely to use social media than any other average person, according to a national study released Wednesday.

The Retail Advertising and Marketing Association study showed that more than 60 percent of stay-at-home moms are more likely to use Facebook, more than 42 percent are more likely to use MySpace and nearly 17 percent are more likely to use Twitter. That’s compared to average adults – 50 percent of which use Facebook, 34 percent that use MySpace and 15 percent that use Twitter.


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What Will Tech Savvy Moms Be Using In 2009?

What Will Tech Savvy Moms Be Using In 2009? 

Today’s time-starved, multi-tasking mothers are using more than band-aids and paper-based calendars to manage their hectic lifestyles and growing families. Mothers, now more than ever, are using technology such as video, blogs and wireless devices to multi-task through their busy days, using more than 5 separate technologies daily. 2009 stands to produce a record number of tech-savvy mothers bridging devices together to create everyday solutions.

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