In the Future, Everything Will Be Made of Algae


Algea. Its not just for breakfast anymore.

Remember a few years ago when everyone decided that using algae as a biofuel feedstock would be the best thing ever? Well, progress on that front is moving so slowly that companies have realized that that might not be where the money is. But there is still all this algae lying around. So, instead, a handful of ambitious biofuel and algae production startups have decided to put their product into every segment imaginable–we’re talking about putting algae in your makeup, your protein supplements, and even your medication. Now Aurora Algae has unveiled its mysterious-sounding A2 Product Portfolio–a series of algae-based oils and powders that will be used in the biofuel, food, aquaculture, neutraceutical, and pharmaceutical industries. What will happen when all the products you use have everyone’s favorite sea vegetable added to them?

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