World’s first stairlift for obese pets


Now your dogs weight won’t impede his mobility. Is that a good thing?

With news that more and more pets are joining the growing ranks of the obese (spurred by too much processed food, sedentary culture and architecture) it’s only a matter of time before someone thought of designing a stairlift for these unfortunate animals, just like their human counterparts.

In a country where observers are predicting over half of its dogs will be obese by 2022, the Daily Mail reports that a UK-based insurance company is prototyping a device that will help pudgy pets climb stairs, which they’re calling “Stair Lift of the Dog 2022″…

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Christmas Tree Syndrome – your Christmas tree may be making your sick


Christmas trees could be to blame for a range of health complaints over the holiday season.

Don’t be too quick to judge those who feel under the weather over the holiday season – rather than seasonal overindulgence, it could be their Christmas tree making them ill.


Romantic Candles Could Be Dangerous To Your Health


Candlelight may be key to creating the perfect atmosphere for a romantic dinner or a relaxing bath – but it could also be a dangerous one, claim American scientists.

Researchers have found that the fumes from paraffin wax – the most common and cheapest form of candle wax – can be poisonous and even cause cancer.


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Repairing Lungs Outside The Body

Repairing Lungs Outside The Body

Lung tissue is preserved in the Toronto XVIVO Lung Perfusion System with the aim of repairing lungs prior to transplant.  

Lung transplant offers hope of a longer life for patients with end-stage respiratory diseases such as emphysema and cystic fibrosis, with some surviving for years following surgery. But due to chronic shortages of viable organs for transplant, only about 25 percent of patients on waiting lists receive new lungs. However, a new out-of-body lung-repair technique developed at the Toronto General Hospital may dramatically increase the number of lungs that can be used in transplants and improve surgical outcome.

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