Ark Hotel floats away when sea levels rise

ark 1

Ark Hotel

Some cities are starting to consider building farther from the water’s edge as sea levels rise and coastal cities try to figure out how to deal with the threat of flooding,. Other cities might not want to retreat. The other approach: Constructing buildings tough enough to handle any storm. (Pics)



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Capsule Caravan For A Fun-Filled Caravanning Time

Capsule Caravan 

 Capsule Caravan

Keeping up with the spirit of up-scale alfresco entertainment that oozed from the 10 Best Tailgating options, here’s another equally smart, compact, self-sufficient alternative. Sadly still a concept, the Capsule Caravan is conceptualized by David Tonkinson for a fun-filled caravanning time. Intending to revive the old fashion of caravan living, David has shaped up this uber compact and light-weighted capsule that can comfortably house two people. Simply hook it to your city car and tow it to your destination to cut off from this chaotic lifestyle.

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