Airline coach seats are getting even worse

There’s a new low for the long-haul traveler. Airlines are ordering new Dreamliner 787s and Airbus A330s and are asking to have them fitted with 16.7″-wide coach seats. These are planes intended for intercontinental flights — six to 14 hours! — and they’re shaving the armrests, squeezing the seats, and otherwise cramming in passengers. The airlines say it’ll all be OK — they’ll just distract you from your terrible circumstances with big meals and TV.


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Hotels of the Future? The Qbic Hotel Offers a Cool and Futuristic Design for the Budget Conscious Traveler


The Cubi is a cube-shaped state-of-the-art living space

What’s a Cubi? It is the alternative name for the accommodations provided by the line of Qbic hotels appearing in the Netherlands. The Cubi is a cube-shaped living space that is the epitome of efficiency and practicality. Not only are they totally unique in their design, but they also incorporate radical décor and furnishings too. (pics)


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Innovative Travel at YOTEL


Innovative Travel at YOTEL

Do you love your sleep? Most people do, but it is something that is sadly abused during most business travels. After all, the famous terminology of the “red eye flight” appeared simply because it is a preferred method of travel for business professionals. This sort of wear and tear on the body and brain doesn’t bode well for high performance in the board room or conference hall, however, and the YOTEL “capsule hotel” chain is shaping up to be a great solution to this perennial problem.


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Smartphones Transform Travel Habits of the Tech-Savvy Traveler


Smartphones let you check flight status, order room service and catch up on the news.

Business traveler Mike Monroe no longer rummages through his bag at the airline counter fishing for his flight ticket or confirmation number.The consultant from Lakeland, Fla., has gone paperless, thanks to Continental Airlines’ electronic boarding passes. Once he checks in online, the carrier e-mails a bar code to his phone. That code is scanned at security checkpoints and gates instead of a boarding pass. “It takes away a lot of annoyances.”


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Sleep Box – Let’s You Catch Up On Sleep While Traveling

sleep box

Sleep Box

Russian architects Arch Group have designed a booth for taking a quick nap in busy urban environments.  Called Sleepbox, the units could be rented for between fifteen minutes and several hours.  The architects envisage them installed at train stations, airports and shopping centres.  (Pics)


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Monasteries: The Latest Boutique Hotels


A new type of destination.

Monasteries have always welcomed travelers. When they are no longer used for monks, they make great hotels. Many have upgraded their accommodations in recent years to compete with luxury resorts.

As well as being physically beautiful, ex-monasteries are often strikingly spiritual, as if centuries of prayer and plainchant have seeped into their massive walls. A stay in a cloister seems to incline one to contemplation, reading, sleeping well and turning off the mobile.

Get a closer look at five such ex-monasteries….

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Sick Traveler Detector

Sick Traveler Detector 

If you thought the airport denizens of the TSA were already obnoxious, wait until they get their mitts on a Sick Traveler Detector. It’s a software idea by Belgian company Biorics, which can determine if travelers are sick by the sound of their coughs. If you frequently get sick after flying, you might welcome such an intrusive technique that singles out hacking, virus-spreading passengers.

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