Dental x-rays double brain tumor risk: study

dental xrays

Researchers found frequent doses of x-ray radiation were linked with more cases of the cancer.

Having more than one dental x-ray a year can double or even triple the chance of developing a common type of brain tumor, according to a new study. People who recalled having frequent dental x-rays were more likely than those who did not, to have a form of non-spreading cancer called meningioma.


Cutting Thru the Fog with NASA’s Chandra X-ray Orbiting Observatory


Its Visine for space

When you look up on a dark, clear, moonless night, you might just see a faint fuzzy streak cutting across the sky. That’s the Milky Way, called that because it looks like milk has spilled across the sky.

But when you look at it through a telescope, it resolves itself into millions upon millions of stars. Faint and tightly packed, they merge together, forming a fuzzy streak because we lack the resolution in our eyes to separate out the stars. Continue reading… “Cutting Thru the Fog with NASA’s Chandra X-ray Orbiting Observatory”


The Jelly Box: Workspace For The 21st Century

Jelly Box:  Workspace For The 21st Century 

Ever think about what it would be like to see the world from inside a Jell-O mold? Looking like a Jell-O mold, but calling itself the Jelly Box, this new workspace is now on display at the Truman Brewery during London 2008 Design Week. This clever design by architect David Hingamp of the London firm Archic, has just been named runner up in the 2008 Urbantine Project.

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