Surprise! It’s an air humidifier.

Instant cup noodles will instantly take you to Japan. Get hold of a pair of chopsticks and you are on your way to enjoying a satisfying warm and soupy meal. But if you pick up a pack of Cup Shitsuki you will be in for a surprise. This cup noodles shaped box has something quite different from what the packaging reflects. This is a fun shaped air humidifier…


Dry air brings with it a lot of problems. The skin dries up, lips get chapped and you become susceptible to colds and cough. To combat these problems you could either move to a more humid region or get a humidifier installed in your place. The later option is much more practical. Humidifiers come in various varieties and all serve the same purpose. The difference lies in their presentation. If it is something which has a fun element to it, it helps elevate the atmosphere around and this is exactly what Cup Shitsuki does.

To use this cup of noodles you needn’t open it completely. Fill it with water and just leave a small open space and experience the dry air becoming humid and comfortable to breathe in. It contains an ultraviolet germicidal lamp making bacterial growth all the more difficult in the water. Dangers of burns and fire are erased since it is an ultrasonic device.

There is one difference that you will spot from a regular cup of noodles pack. The bottom of the cup contains two slide-stands that give it added stability. You need not fear of the cup tipping over and leaving your work area wet rather than moist.

On purchasing a pack of Cup Shitsuki for only $108, you will get an AC adapter and a USB. You can use either means to run it. The manual is, however, only in Japanese. But the operation method is fairly simple so you could do without the manual as well.