Pick it up then burn it up.

An Israel-based company called Paulee CleanTec has taken a page from your local funeral home when it comes to dealing with your pet’s unwanted business.

Instead of picking it up in a plastic baggie—which is just about the worst thing humans have ever lowered themselves to do doing—the AshPoopie simply scoops and cremates the whole mess. Turning it into odorless, 100 percent sterile ash that you can just dump and let the wind carry away. That is until your local laws are updated, requiring you to scoop and bag the ash as well…

The actual process of how the poop is cremated is a bit of a mystery. And since the company is still only working on the prototype, with hopes of having a sellable product available by 2012, I’m not sure if they even know. It seems to involve some kind of cartridge containing “special AshPoopie capsules” that are blended with the mess, presumably burning it away via some chemical process. I’m going to assume that it’s completely safe to use, and is hopefully scalable since not all dogs, or their droppings, are created equal. Also, +10 points for innovation, -5 for product naming.

[AshPoopie via CNET]