During your Memorial Day weekend getaway you probably headed off with smartphone or digital camera in hand. But, keep in mind that by this time next year, there could be a whole new breed of technophile attending the holiday festivities: the dreaded Google Glass photographer.



In the chuckle-worthy video above, the folks at online app training company Grovo offer a glimpse into a horrifying future. An obnoxious, photo-obsessed Glass owner gets all up in everyone’s grill to record everything with many, many blinks of the eye.

I’d love to say this is all just hyperbole for the sake of getting a laugh, but then I think of the guy shouting at a person on speakerphone in the library, or the number of phone conversations had by people in public bathroom stalls that I’ve overheard against my will.

Give it a watch and enjoy the world as it is now, before the invasion of Glassholes like the one in the video.

Via CNet