“B” flying car

“B” is not just another car drone, it is a 100% all terrain radio controlled car 100% drone. The device is highly sophisticated and implements two types of propulsion : to taxi, four orbital wheels without central hub 210 diameter mm, and at the center thereof, in place of the axis, four propellers as we know about our favorite drones. (Video)



Outcome : an amazing device that can be operated remotely as a car or as a drone, according to your desire and your mood.

“B” is currently a luxurious toy multitasking which it is difficult to practice what other uses could be learned, but the functional prototype is particularly well finished, and already looks like a finished product : Also sounds hybrid propulsion system, B embark on its prow a camera with a resolution of 1280×720 ready to shoot all his antics, a flight control module and a body of rigid polycarbonate.

The creator of the B has already exceeded its fundraising goal on Kickstarter since the amount raised approaching 110.000 pounds for an initial target of 86.500. The next planned developments are controlled via smartphone with a dedicated application, and various improvements including stability in flight.

Watch the video of the Flying Car B

 Via smartdrones