With an average internet speed of 65.02 Mbps, Maryland has the best environment for multi-person streaming and gaming.

This map by HighSpeedInternet.com shows the states with the fastest and slowest internet connections across the United States.

  • More rural states, like Montana and Alaska, tend to have lower average speeds than states with higher population density like New Jersey and Rhode Island.
  • The five fastest states were all on the East coast.

Founders hoping to build a runaway success like video game Fortnite might want to think twice about where they set up shop, according to a new report from HighSpeedInternet.com.

Epic Games, makers of the massively popular Fortnite game, is Virginia’s most valuable startup, and one of ten unicorn companies based in the United States according to research firm CB Insights. And according to HighSpeedInternet.com’s latest report, Virginia has one of the fastest internet speeds in the country, making it ideal for multi-user HD streaming.

The top five states for average streaming speeds for both uploads and downloads were on the East Coast, while states with larger rural populations had the slowest average speeds, according to the graphic.

HighSpeedInternet.com measures internet speed by seeing how quickly information travels through a user’s internet connection by downloading and uploading files. The free service measures speed in megabits-per-second (Mbps). Speeds of 40 Mbps or higher are ideal for streaming multiple HD shows or multi-player gaming, but speeds under 20 Mpbs work best for single user streaming and might make downloading apps time consuming for the end user.

As Silicon Valley remains a pricey place for businesses, some startups are considering new locations with cheaper living costs and better resources. These states might just make the cut.

Here’s the breakdown of fastest and slowest states:

States with the fastest average internet speeds

  • Maryland: 65.02 Mbps
  • New Jersey: 59.58 Mbps
  • Delaware: 59.08 Mbps
  • Rhode Island: 56.77 Mbps
  • Virginia: 55.98 Mbps

States with the slowest average internet speeds:

  • Alaska: 17.03 Mbps
  • Mississippi: 24.77 Mbps
  • Idaho: 25.30 Mbps
  • Montana: 25.70 Mbps
  • Maine: 26.05 Mbps

Via Business Insider